On Call Services


Services Covered

Offering home cleaning services, commercial spaces, one time cleanings and continuous scheduled cleanings.

We understand requirement of everyone is different and we want to clean your home the way you like. Remember Here at Crystal Clear Cleaning Services satisfaction is our 1st Priority!

On Call Services

Washroom Cleaning

  • Countertops
  • Scrub toilet
  • Scrub shower
  • Shine all fixtures
  • Hand Scrub floor
  • Remove hard water stain
  • Wall cleaning
  • Glass cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Countertops,behind and underneath appliances
  • Outside of Fridge and Other Appliances
  • Stainless steel on all appliances (if applicable)
  • Sweep and mop accessible floors
  • Hard water and oil stains

Sofa and Carpet Shampooing

  • Dry vacuuming
  • Shampooing with chemical
  • Hand or mechanical(if required depending on area ) scrubbing
  • Wet vacuuming

Car Interior Wash

  • Dry vacuuming of interior
  • Interior washing with chemical which includes roof, dashboard, window glass, front and back glass, doors, mats,
  • Shampooing of seat with chemical
  • Wet vacuuming of seat

Following services are also available

  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • On call services for parties
  • Housekeeping services for events
  • Water tank cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Wooden floor cleaning and polishing
  • All types of floor and stones cleaning and scrubbing
  • Garden and landscape maintenance
  • Fa├žade and glass cleaning